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Title: The Letter
Pairing: het!JongKey (Jonghyun/Gwiboon)
Rating: PG
Genre(s): fluff, romance
Word Count: 1,108
Summary: Jonghyun writes Gwiboon during the school year that followed the summer they got together. An off-shot from The One.
a/n: I wrote this for the fiction class I'm in this semester. And sorry I've been MIA- school and work are hitting me hard this semester! But I've got a few fics in the works so don't lose faith in me yet!


"Dear Gwiboonie... )

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Title: Exchange 1/2
Pairing: JeTi, bff!SunFany, slight!QMi
Rating: R (overall)
Genre(s): supernatural, romance, fluff, humor, light smut
Word Count: 10,213 (overall)
Summary: In which Jessica is a vampire, Tiffany needs a place to live, and Sunny is a fangirl.
Written for the [livejournal.com profile] femmebigbang
a/n: This takes place in the same universe as [livejournal.com profile] coley_merrin's Hunger.


"“But what if like…a rapist lives there or something?” Tiffany fretted, “And he’s not really renting out a room at all! He just posts ads with tantalizingly affordable prices to lure poor girls to his door!”" )

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Title: The One
Pairing: het!JongKey (Jonghyun/Gwiboon), Jonghyun/Sunny(SNSD), slight het!OnTae (Onew/Taeyeon)
Rating: NC-17 overall
Genre(s): romance, drama, humor, fluff, smut
Word Count: 13,299 overall
Summary: “But you'll always be my golden boy. And I'm the summer girl that you enjoy. […]
And hope that you will see that I’m the one.
” – Vanessa Carlton (The One)
Gwiboon meets Jonghyun when she’s visiting her grandma; they’re both nine years old and friendship is easy. It’s as they grow up together that things get complicated and their friendship begins to shift into unknown territory.
Written for the 2011 [livejournal.com profile] shineebigbang 


"Gwiboon scuffed the toes of her shoes into the dirt under her feet, hands clasping at the metal chains of the swing that she was perched on." )

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Title: For You (1/3)
Pairing: G-Ri
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): romance, humor, angst, drama, fluff
Summary: This story follows Jiyong and Seungri as they grow up separately from one another from the time that they are nine to their sophomore year in college when their paths finally cross.
Written for the YG Multibang
a/n: this is the massive G-Ri i kept talking about last month. i hope it doesn't disappoint!


Elementary School - High School )


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